Time will tell

Right now, the only regularly updated content on this site is in the Oxford UK- The Experience section.  I am leaving up the rest of the text from my former homepage because I want people to understand that this is a work in progress and the initial vision of this blog, despite my current inability to get there.

I started this page because I really want to decide if I should switch to wordpress from blogger. I have like 6-7 blogs (about 5 of them current) that I post to quasi regularly, but, of course, there are a lot of technical limitations with blogger. I started years ago, though, so I have been hesitant to abandon them in favor of a new project. I do, however, like the idea of having one page to give people from which they could access all of my blogs (not simply separated by category, but actually maintained as individual projects), and blogger is just not the place to do that. Originally, I had thought my friend was going to design a real site for me, but she’s been a bit slow on the uptake. WordPress does seem like it will possibly be a legitimate solution, but I just don’t have the time right now to play around enough and get it to the point where it will make me satisfied. Instead, I’m temporarily abandoning this project while the semester is in session and am going to just keep working on my blogger projects:

mytwolips– women’s studies independent project; initially about gender/sexuality/the body, but it’s evolved.

what I will– goals blog based on some ideas that come from various self-help guides; this blog even got me a job (sortof)

justpoetry– self explanatory, but not updated that frequently, and the formatting sucks because blogger automatically left justifies everything, but it’s nice to have the words out there in the world and accessible from any computer.

general blog– this is/was/and will be the primary depository for my general life, but it’s taken a backseat to the first two (and more current) projects.

kyoto semester– Sophomore year in Kyoto Japan, created to keep family and friends hip to what was going on in my life (and includes a link to a page that I posted some of my academic work on).

This post from my goals blog explains why I want to be able to have all of these words in one place and organized in a way that would make them easy to navigate. I feel like blogging will continue to be important for me, at least while I’m in school and maybe even particularly once I’m out in the world working. I know some people say that blogs are meaningless drabble and worthless, but I think that they are a really exciting tool that allows nearly immediate and virtually free access to various forms of knowledge produced not just by those in our immediate geographical, academic and traditionally constructed social communities, but actually worldwide. I also recently found out that there are projects to collect this knowledge and organize/legitimize it for general and academic use. There are certainly problems that exist for blogging academically including: academic refereeing (peer-review) and reliability/verifiability/legitimacy as a source and issues of plagiarism (particularly because of potential differences in copyright law since there is not an official international law) and citation both for the blogger and those who want to use its content. Even just in that set of links about academic blogging, a fair number of them are blogs and, regardless of whether the moderators are said to be librarians or college students, it is almost impossible to know for a fact who is actually producing the ideas and words because of the lack of a definite connection between an actual and an online identity. And even then, all these thoughts are tied into traditional systems of valuing information which are constantly under scrutiny and revision.

So, this is why this blog doesn’t yet exist, really. Because, as you can see, I can’t help but think too much about it than is actually good for me.


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